Shreehari Associates (P) Ltd. maintains an "opt-in" list of individuals interested in or involved with Construction, Project Development, and related topics. From time to time we contact these individuals to inform them about our product offerings. We do not sell or rent our mailing list, although we may share it with strategic partners or other entities for specific purposes consistent with our mission.

Shreehari Associates (P) Ltd. also circulate lists time to time with strategic partners and other entities. While we do our best to respect the wishes of every individual with respect to inclusion in the list we maintain ourselves, the same individual may also be included in lists we rent or obtain by other means. Therefore, even if you choose not to receive information from us in the future, we cannot guarantee that you will never be contacted by us.

In any case, your privacy is important to us and your time is valuable. You can be assured that we will not send you daily spam; Trojan horses, worms, or viruses; "adult" materials; offers for ink jet cartridges, vitamins, stock tips, life insurance, or any other unrelated merchandise. Nor will we ever give your contact information to anyone else who would do that to you.

When you register on this Web site, you can opt in or opt out of our contact list.

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