We, at Shreehari Associates (P) Ltd. are committed to become an icon in constructional development, through innovation, professionalism, active leadership in product quality and sustained growth by delivering value to our clients.

We shall conduct our operations in a manner so that we should be able to deliver optimum result, in Work by identifying, controlling, and reducing all associated risks to a level As Low as Reasonably Practicable.

We believe that this can be achieved by-

* Our commitment to continual improvement of quality and occupational health and safety management,
   through unique system of techno-aid performing.

* Commitment to pursue more in clientele satisfaction.

* Complying with all applicable legal and contractual requirements.

* Adopting state of art technology available.

* Communicating and consulting all associated partners for establishing organizational objectives.

Our customers can rely on our skilled, engineering team; equipment bank of the latest construction equipment and our talent for exploration of the process to procure the best materials and equipment at competitive prices.

We have won contracts from government agencies through local competitive bidding, meeting the strict requirements of department.

With years of experience in Project Management Expertise, at Shreehari Associates (P) Ltd., we develop Projects in such strategically way, enabling to draw every bit of support to the infrastructural needs of our clients.

Considering the needs of modern age of development, we are focusing the Streams of Sports, Power, Welfare, and Civil Works Projects to enhance our reach of accomplishments.

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