Welcome to Shreehari Associates (P) Ltd., we have emerged as the ultimate choice in hall of Quality Construction and Project Development in its very mean. We have leaped to the reputation of The Constructive People since we laid our first step in 1998.

The company has created excellence in the field of construction of Dams, Water Reservoirs and Irrigation Projects.

 Divisional Sports Complex, Pune.
 ESIC SRO Office, Aurangabad.
Baramati Textile Park, Baramati.
 Takari Pump House, Takari.
 Loni Sawangi High Level Barrage, Loni Sawangi.
 Formation of Mid Manair Reservoir near Manwada (V), Boinpally (M), Dist. Karimnagar, Andhra Pradesh.
 Majalgaon Lift Irrigation from Loni Sawangi Barrage.
 BRT Depots in Hubli, Dharwad & Divisional Workshop, Hubli.

Shreehari Associates (P) Ltd. is well equipped with all the latest machinery and equipments required for construction.

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